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Maldives, the island nation, is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the region. The market’s reliance on feeder markets in Europe proved to be a bane in 2015 with the Eurozone suffering from a downbeat economic environment and uncertainty. Adding to this was the geo-political crisis in Russia and an irresolute position of the Chinese economy, both of which are key source markets for the nation. While most hotels managed to shift focus to buoyant demand from the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East, the same came at the cost of average rate and a lower average length of stay, pushing RevPAR down by almost 10%. Having managed a healthy increase in valuation in 2014, of about 23%, numbers in 2015 reverted to 2013 levels exhibiting a decline of similar magnitude.

Change In Value For Market:

Significant Value Increase: Greater than +10%
Moderate Value Increase: Between +3% and +10%
Stable Values: Between -3% and +3%
Moderate Value Decline: Between -3% and -10%
Significant Value Decline: Less than -10%

Maldives RevPAR Change

Maldives RevPAR

Year RevPAR
2013 618.80
2014 690.00
2015 622.73
2016 561.29
2017 568.80
2018 581.11
2019 581.11
2020 (f) 591.96

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